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OverKill is a PvP orientated DayZ Server which has been growing steadily for a couple of months now. We utilise our custom keycard mod, reworked sgunplay, and much more.

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We Strictly follow Bohemias Rules of monetization

For all server rules join Discord for more info

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As avid players of dayz the OverKill staff decided that we wanted to make our own server from the players perspective and how we thought gameplay should be. We are heavily influenced by Tarkov and like the grimey hardcore aspect that tarkov brings to a video game we are trying to replicated that and enhance that type of experience in Dayz, yet keep core elements of dayz and have a seemless blended experiance.

Because of this we have brought in sGunplay a mod that changes the feel of Dayz gun mechanics with a fresh reimagined facelift on pvp and have balanced all recoils for this purpose.

Also we have developed and brought in many interesting mods that help to resemble Tarkov, such as our Tarkov Medical mod, and our Keycard mod.

While doing this we still have BaseBuildingPlus and heavy endorse raiding as this is a core mechanic that we believe fits well with our vision

Finally OverKill staff loves to do events and engage our community so that we keep our population high and our community happy!


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Any donations are not necessary and are always greatly appreciated.

If allowed Monetization will follow Bohemia interactives monetization rules.

there will be nothing that affects gameplay from one person to the next. because you donated.

Discord Rules

• Do not argue with any member apart of the staff team. • Hate speech, abuse, harassment, or any kind of discriminatory speech will not be said in this discord. • No spamming in the discord at any time, do not repeatedly @ people, especially the staff team. • No advertising of other servers in-game or in discord. • No threats will be allowed in the discord or in private messages. • Admins have the final say to any tickets, no point arguing back as it could result in a longer ban • When making a ticket do not @ admins, you will be spoken to when other tickets are finished. • Do not try and lie or provide any false information in a ticket.

General Rules

- Combat Logging - • There must be a 8-minute gap before leaving the game after taking damage from a player. • If a crash or server resets happens try and log back in, otherwise it will be known as combat logging. - Server Crashes - • If the server crashes and you manage to lose a character or a vehicle you must have proof. - Mic Spamming - • Do NOT mic spam in safe-zone or discord calls, unless playing chill music that other players agree to. - Stream sniping - Is not allowed and if we get proof of it you will receive a three day ban, if caught again it will be a week ban leading to a perm ban. - Duping- If you are dumb enough to dupe, you already know its a perm ban. - Alt Accounts - Alts are not allowed to be used on this server, not even a bank account. Being caught playing on two or more accounts will result in a ban of the alt accounts and the primary account. - Bug Abusing with Movement - Any movement that is an unintended feature like, Moonwalking, Meatballing, Headglitching and Vortexing is not allowed on this server. - Vehicles - Use vehicles at your own risk!, they will only be comped if server crashes or server resets and which it

despawns. Must have video proof of it being there before reset.

Trader Rules

- Vehicle Stealing - No stealing or messing with people's vehicles in the Safezone! - SZ Vehicles - Vehicles will be unlocked or deleted if the owner of it isn't there. - Player Trades - Trading with other players is your own risk, we will not comp you anything if you are scammed. - Trader Exploits - Do not try and take advantage of a trader which gives you free money, either report it to an admin or suffer the ban hammer! - Safezone Stealing - If you have placed anything on the ground its free taking, its your responsibility to keep your items safe.

Base Building

- Raid paths- • Door or Gate stacking is allowed, but be careful because C4 can blow up multiple doors at a time. • All bases must have at least ONE raidable entrance to every area of the base. If a loot room is blocked off a admin will dismantle it. - Construction- • No stacking tents of the same size into each other. • No skybases, bases must look somewhat realistic. • Water Bases are NOT allowed. - All bases must be raidable- • Must have at least 1 raidable entrance, like a front door. • Any group should be able to raid it, they shouldn't need multiple people. • Bases cannot be covered in barbed wire where it becomes impossible to raid.


- Insiding - • Insiding is allowed, please make sure you fully trust any recruits you allow access to your base, its not our fault if a member does something dirty. -Soft Siding- • Soft Siding is allowed on our servers. -Boosting- You are allowed to boost using only one object and as many players as they need. be careful on how you build! You cannot stack objects into walls to climb into bases. -Base Takeover- •You are allowed to take over a base. In order to take over a base legally you need to destroy all doors/gates, remove any code locks, etc. • If you log in and find out your base has been taken over either, F11 or hatchet out. -Raid Building- • The people defending there base during a raid can rebuild whenever they feel like. -Glitch raiding- • Allowed to vault or jump, crawl or lay through any kind of window even if it doesn't look possible. Be sure to record you doing this! • Allowed to use a step ladder to get in a base. • Allowed to grab items from outside of a tent using the inventory. • Allowed to gain access by use of a vanilla ladder.

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